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  • Establishment: 4 May 2011.
  • Company Name: Mandar Fun Food Pvt. Ltd.
  • Address: Gut no.9 , Naigavan-Khandewadi, Tal. Paithan, Dist. Aurangabad.
  • Allied Industries:

  • Mandar Industries
  • Mandar Distributor
  • Company Vision: “To build the faith among the customers & channel partners by giving value for money & health through providing qualitative and hygienic products.”

  • About Melt N Mellow Ice Cream: A premium ice cream made from fresh milk & choicest ingredients. It is very creamy & soft which gives you a pleasure for which you have waited long enough.
What do Ice-cream means?
  • The Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Rules, 1955 define ice cream as “a frozen product that contains not less than 10% milk fat, 3.5% protein, 36.0% total solids, and 0.5% permitted stabilizer and emulsifier.”
  • Players who deviate from these norms tactfully call their product "frozen dessert.” However, it is illegal to sell “ice cream” which has contents below these specified standards.
Ice Cream V/S Frozen Desserts
  • Ice Cream is made from fresh milk.
  • Ice creams are rich in protein, calcium, dairy cream and vitamins.
  • Ice Creams are a complete food, easy to digest and full of energy.
  • Frozen Desserts are generally made from vegetable oils / fats.
  • In frozen desserts milk fat is replaced with vegetable oil, hence they are unable to give the smooth taste and flavour which only an ice cream can give.
  • The base of the frozen dessert can be any sort of vegetable oil which is quite inexpensive.
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